Look up at the moon, Smell the wind, Feel the season.
The music is there.
"Tukino Ongakukai",The revival of music festival for Yokohama port's 150th anniversary!
This time again, moonlighted music will be performed!

Tuki No Ongakukai'09
Moon Musical Festival'09

Date:2009 September 5(SAT) Full Moon Open 15:00/Start 16:00
Place: Event Square(イベント広場) in Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Artist: Choji, YASKI, Keisuke Kojima(児島啓介),
SONOROUS, Chiharu Mitamura(見田村千晴)
Admission:Adult Advance 1,500yen (special price for Yokohama port's 150th Anniversary)
/ At Door 2,000yen
Under middle school age 1,000yen Free Admission for preschool age

Ticket : LAWSON ticket[L-code:73106] or Tsukion-Entertainment

Music met and made in Yokohama get together since last 7 years and celebrate Yokohama port's 150th anniversary at Hakkeijima.
As "Y150",the event that the Yokohama city presents, we would like to call Hakkeijima "Island Area" and provide not only Music concert but booths and tent introducing many apealing themes that maybe only found in Yokohama and Music, such as in sea,mountain,sky,forest,water,and food. This is sure that this music festival can be enjoyable place for families as well.

Let's dance this new Yokohama bon dance at the event!

"Hamakko Ondo" made by Choji,YASKI,SONOROUS